Credit Union of Georgia supports Fund-A-Need Student Scholarship

Credit Union of Georgia supports Fund-A-Need Student Scholarship

Being founded by educators, the Credit Union of Georgia has always had a passion for supporting local schools. That is why when the Credit Union learned about the MDE School’s Fund-A-Need Student Scholarship Program they jumped at the opportunity to support this initiative. The scholarship program was developed to support current MDE families that have been affected by job loss due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The MDE School specializes in students with learning disabilities. To see these students have to withdraw from a school that focuses on their specific needs due to a financial burden is not something anyone in our community wants them to endure.

“It is heartbreaking to see how this pandemic is impacting our schools and students. We love supporting the MDE School and hope to make a difference with the scholarship program,” said Kathy Winiarczyk, Business Development Officer.

The MDE School is a not-for-profit, private school established in 2009 as a full-service k-12 educational center for students with language-based learning disabilities. The school depends on the support of their annual giving campaign to sustain their mission and school community.

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