WalletHub names Georgia’s Own Credit Union as best for personal loans

WalletHub names Georgia’s Own Credit Union as best for personal loans

WalletHub, a prominent online personal finance publication, recently listed Georgia’s Own Credit Union as one of the best credit unions for personal loans. 

Below is a snippet of that article: 

Best Credit Unions for Personal Loans:

Affinity Federal Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union

Aspire Federal Credit Union 

Connexus Credit Union

First Tech Credit Union

Georgia’s Own Credit Union

Lake Michigan Credit Union

NASA Federal Credit Union

Pentagon Federal Credit Union

SCE Federal Credit Union

NoteAnyone can join these credit unions, either for free or with a small one-time donation to a charitable cause. 

Credit unions have less name recognition than banks. But unlike banks, they are not for-profit institutions. They also typically service a limited area. It’s easy to do a search of credit unions in your area and either visit their website or stop by to see what personal loan offers they have available. 

Credit unions, like banks, allow you to apply for personal loans in. And because credit unions are more community-oriented, they’re also more likely to offer personal loans to people with subpar credit. To top it off, their interest rates can often be lower than those of banks. 

To read the whole article, click here. 

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