HPAL: CDC Federal Credit Union saves a member’s home

HPAL: CDC Federal Credit Union saves a member’s home

The story below is just one example of how Georgia credit unions help people afford life each day. This account was featured in Georgia Credit Union Affiliates’ 2017 Helping People Afford Life Stories booklet. 

Five years ago, a member of CDC Federal Credit Union in Atlanta bought a home with her then-fiance.

She put $10,000 down on the house and made all the mortgage payments herself. However, only his name was on the mortgage documents.

Later, the couple ended their engagement.

Earlier this year, the former fiance tried to go through the courts to take possession of the house. Under the threat of losing her home, the member turned to her fredit union to help build a case for her and her daughter to keep the house.

CDC Federal performed hours of research and provided the woman with five years’ worth of statements showing the mortgage was paid solely from her account and that she alone made the initial down payment.

The documentation provided by her credit union directly impacted the outcome of the case. The judge ruled in her favor and specifically noted how prepared she was.

In the end, the member and her young daughter were able to keep their home.

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