Alabama ONE Bridge Builder Conference brings community closer

Alabama ONE Bridge Builder Conference brings community closer

Alabama ONE hosted its first annual Bridge Builders conference in Tuscaloosa, Ala., on Oct. 24 at Hotel Capstone on the University of Alabama campus. The free, one-day conference connected local leaders from the faith, academic, and non-profit sectors in order to exchange ideas and resources that can further help the communities they serve.

Bridge Builders was the first conference of its kind in Tuscaloosa, with a series of breakout sessions that address the financial wellness of the community and a panel discussion featuring prominent community leaders, including Myke Brown, Alabama ONE branch network and consumer lending director.

“Bridge Builders is a unique experience where local leaders can share best practices and elevate the mindset of our community, when it comes to financial wellness and overall quality of life,” said Jacquie Johnson, Alabama ONE’s financial wellness manager who spearheaded the conference. “This is the beginning of an ongoing relationship between faith-based, educational, and community leaders who have come together to build a stronger community with measurable results.”

More than 70 pastors, principals, educators, non-profit and business leaders spent their day learning, sharing, networking on how to generate a collective momentum – throughout Tuscaloosa’s churches, schools and community organizations – with a focus on financial wellness.

“We believe Bridge Builders will continue to grow into a premiere program that answers the needs of our community and will serve as a catalyst for positive change and success throughout our local neighborhoods, schools, and churches,” said Bill Wells, CEO of Alabama ONE.

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