LGE Community Credit Union transforms branch delivery with Catalyst Corporate and Glory

LGE Community Credit Union transforms branch delivery with Catalyst Corporate and Glory

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union and Glory introduce the Glory TellerInfinity™ assisted service solution, integrated with Catalyst Corporate’s TranzCapture™ next-generation remote deposit software. Marietta, Ga.-based LGE Community Credit Union now has 11 Glory TellerInfinity units live, representing six branch locations, with an additional 19 assisted service units projected to be deployed by the end of 2019.

Glory’s TellerInfinity solution delivers transactions traditionally performed by tellers and self-service channels – such as check, currency and coin deposits, withdrawals, bill payments, account transfers, statement and official check printing – through a single device. Branch staff equipped with an interfaced tablet interact one-on-one with credit union members when needed, serving in essence as personal financial officers.

“Branches are still a key service delivery channel, but their role is changing,” said Chris Leggett, President and CEO of LGE Community Credit Union. “Since coming out of the recession, LGE’s branch transactions have declined by up to half their prior level, while home banking and mobile transactions have increased. Large branches with multiple drive-through lanes are not being used like they once were.”

“The Catalyst Corporate and Glory solution allows us to serve members more efficiently and cost effectively,” Leggett said. “Members can perform most transactions independently at the devices. That frees up staff to give personal attention to those members who need a level of care beyond standing at a teller counter.”

Adding the kiosks has allowed LGE to reduce the footprint of multiple branches, reconfiguring teller counters to open plan environments, as well as helping eliminate in-branch ATMs and night drop boxes. Leggett said the credit union has seen continued growth and improved efficiency since introducing the assisted service devices, noting that communicating benefits of the new solution to members is key to a successful transition.

LGE evaluated and tested several technologies before landing on the Catalyst Corporate and Glory solution.

“It’s a good partnership,” said Leggett. “Catalyst Corporate handles the deposit processing from multiple channels. It’s seamless and efficient. Glory’s TellerInfinity assisted service devices are helping transform our branches and member relationships, and Glory is very flexible and willing to work with us to solve challenges.”

“We believe the relationship with Glory opens up substantial new opportunities for credit unions, such as LGE,” said Brad Ganey, Catalyst Corporate’s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “Glory is well recognized in the industry for quality and reliability, and their solutions offer a broad feature set. They strongly complement our portfolio of payment services, and our members stand to benefit.”

Glory is the latest in a growing number of best-in-class solution providers to interface with Catalyst Corporate’s TranzCapture open platform, aligned with Glory’s strategic approach to partnering with third-party software providers. This helps Glory maximize choice for financial institutions looking to activate assisted service solutions.

“The partnership with Catalyst Corporate provides Glory an opportunity to expand its solution in the financial marketplace,” said Joe Cooper, VP Software Alliances, Glory. “We look forward to working with Catalyst Corporate’s membership base.”

For more information on Catalyst Corporate and Glory assisted service solutions, email contactus@catalystcorp.org or call 800.442.5763.

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