VyStar Credit Union supports survivors of human trafficking through gift purchase

VyStar Credit Union supports survivors of human trafficking through gift purchase

VyStar Credit Union recently presented employees with their annual gift for 2020 — journals made by women who are writing their own stories.

The journals were produced by employees from Rethreaded, a Jacksonville-based non-profit that provides jobs to human trafficking survivors. In February, VyStar President and CEO Brian Wolfburg toured the Rethreaded facility in Downtown Jacksonville and had the opportunity to speak with and hear from many of the women.

Dating back to its founding in July 2012, Rethreaded has employed 40 women who are survivors of human trafficking. In addition to making scarves, jewelry, home goods and more, the women also have employment opportunities in areas such as production, inventory, sales, marketing and finance and administration. VyStar’s gift order was a significant source of momentum for Rethreaded, according to Kristin Keen, the company’s founder and CEO.

“This partnership has been a game-changer for us,” Kristin said. “This was our largest corporate gift order in history and through that we got to hire two more women… When we first started it, we were like, ‘How are we going to get this done?’ And this did it. It actually increased the capability of our team.”

Human trafficking remains a worldwide epidemic, with effects that can be felt in Northeast Florida and beyond. But through the work of organizations including Rethreaded, many survivors have opportunities to rebuild their lives. VyStar is proud to be connected to Rethreaded and to provide employees with a gift that holds tremendous meaning with the turn of each page.

If your interested in finding ways to support ReThreaded’s mission, or if you just want to view the organization’s high-quality products, visit its store at 820 Barnette Street in Jacksonville, or visit its website at www.rethreaded.com. 

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