Vote set for reg relief bill beneficial to credit unions

Vote set for reg relief bill beneficial to credit unions

The House is poised to vote on a regulatory relief bill today that would benefit credit unions and their members, according to the Credit Union National Association. The House’s vote would turn the bill to law.

S. 2155, also known as the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protect Act , contains provisions that would “ease mortgage lending and free up capital for small businesses, two essential ways to grow an economy that has suffered from both a financial crisis and the regulations put in place in response to it,” according to an Op-Ed by Georgia Credit Union Affiliates CEO Mike Mercer. “This bill is a much-needed win for Main Street.”

The Senate passed the bill in March with a bipartisan 67-31 votes. Now, it’s the House’s turn to vote — and credit union leaders have called upon supporters to reach out to legislators until the end.

“This is it: time for credit unions to make their voices heard one last time to get this bill across the finish line,” said CUNA President / CEO Jim Nussle. “Our voices helped get S. 2155 to where it is now, and we can’t afford to leave any stone unturned. This bill will benefit consumers across the country, particularly the 110 million Americans who choose credit unions as their best financial partner. And we need each member of Congress to know that their constitutes want a ‘yes’ vote when it comes up on the floor today.”

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