HPAL: EXCEL Federal Credit Union gets a member home to his family

HPAL: EXCEL Federal Credit Union gets a member home to his family

The story below is just one example of how Georgia credit unions help people afford life each day. This account was featured in Georgia Credit Union Affiliates’ 2017 Helping People Afford Life Stories booklet. 

This past spring, a member of EXCEL Federal Credit Union received a call about the death of an out-of-state family member.

He really needed to be there, but did not have a credit card or enough money in his account to cover the cost of a plane ticket. He didn’t think he’d be able to make it to the funeral.

He reached out to his credit union for help, and they discussed his options for applying for a credit card or a signature loan. Needing an expedited application, he was encouraged to apply online to speed the process. When he told his credit union he didn’t have access to a computer, he was invited to the branch to apply online there. The following day he visited the branch and completed the application for a signature loan.

His loan was approved in time for him to make the trip home to be with his family for the service. The member was able to get an immediate loan, and also establish his credit and lay the groundwork for a more secure future.

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